Focus Films | Director Allen Coulter

The Shaggy Dog
Disney Films | Director Brian Robbins

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Disney Films | Director Sara Sugarman

Indian in the Cupboard
Columbia Studios | Director Frank Oz

Jingle All the Way
10th Century Fox Studios | Director Brian Levant

Intolerable Cruelty
Universal Studios | Directors Joel & Ethan Coen

Out of the Cold
Maksia Productions | Director Alexsander Buravskiy

Snow Day
Nickelodeon Movies | Director Chris Koch



Cop Shop
ORSD | Director Joe Carnahan

Dreamworks | Director Steven Spielberg

Minority Report
20th Century Fox Studios | Director Steven Spielberg

Hudsucker Proxy
Universal Studios | Director Joel & Ethan Coen

Barton Fink
20th Century Fox Studios | Director Joel & Ethan Coen

Miller’s Crossing
20th Century Fox Studios | Director Joel & Ethan Coen

Field of Dreams
Universal Studios | Director Phil Robinson

The Tomorrow War
Paramount | Director Chris McKay

Jungle Cruise
Disney | Director Jaume Collet-Serra

Alita: Battle Angel
20th Century Fox | Director Robert Rodriguez

The Magnificent Seven (Supervising)
MGM/Sony | Director Antoine Fuqua

Forrest Gump
Paramount Studios | Director Bob Zemeckis

Sony Pictures | Director Berry Levinson

The Grifters
Cineplex-Odeon | Director Stephen Frears